Saturday, February 12, 2011

River stones

The shifting plates of the earth,
they move with a subtly that almost goes unnoticed.
The way the clouds roll past, 
those too,
mere, small increment for the gods.
But the unsettling nature of how huge that can be can throw me off,
even today, with steady footing.

Such a place is familiar,
when all I know is the way to the next stepping-stone.
I skip across them.
One by one.
Somehow, next one to arrive beneath me foot.
How is that?

So let the stillness have its way.
Let the silence break my every doubt.
Because somewhere up in the sky
tomorrow may hold
that small lessons
lost on today.

Week 47. Stability
On my walks through the woods I always cross over a brook on my way to the pond. One day I thought about the rhythm I felt as I jumped from stone to stone. It’s funny how you need to trust that the next stone will be in the right spot, nice and steady beneath your foot. This made me think about the way we must trust the paths we choose. We never quite know for sure if the path we choose will be solid but we must follow through regardless. Unsteadiness is always a possibility. The unknown can be scary but it can also be exciting. Sometimes I think if you can balance both the fear and the excitement of it your not doing too bad.