Friday, April 12, 2013

Crashing waves

Walking along the shoreline, 
waves crash and the seagulls break the horizon.
This path of rocks and pale bushes meander forever along the pacific coast.

The voice of the ocean is out there again,
today like every day,
following me at every turn.

Sneaking tides are at my toes,
in a whisper.
The edging of the salt water, up to my ankles.
I pick up a shell and put it to my ear,
Is there someone there?

Then out of the blue,
a wave comes upon me.
Crashing into the silence,
astounding me and bringing me to my knees.

I am pulled down
but it is only when I’ve fallen that I can see
that I am mere grain of sand.

week 50. Message in a bottle.
Some days I am looking for messages. I believe if I can look at what makes me suffer then maybe I will learn something about myself, something I need to learn in order to grow. There are times when I feel as though I know something is out there, something with a message. If I look, I don’t always find the answers, but I still need to look. I realize that falling, being brought to my knees frees me. It reminds me that vulnerability is the only way to to courage. To walk though and not around. I believe every time we are faced with something astounding there is the potential to heal.