Thursday, May 8, 2014


This morning my coffee is too strong.
I feel everything with a bit more intensity.
My red sweater, bold and sweet,
It looks back at me in the mirror.
When I wear it on days like these
I see my complexion glow.
The warm color fills my check.

I woke this day and felt you gone.
Finally, I could see that maybe
there is enough space
to let another see me for who I am.

Until that day.
I can feel myself stepping into each day.
I can understand how to earn strength
through my own intent,
though ghosts may come and go.
This is my lesson.
Alone is not only solitude,
but a path to let the good in.

I recently found this poem and thought it kind of resonated with what I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve been trying very hard to get myself in a place where I can feel healthy and strong and even brave enough to blog again, after not doing it for so long. I wonder about the difference between solitude and loneliness. There’s a very fine line between the two. Some days I can only see the difficult side of alone and other days I feel so strengthened by the quietness, the peace that comes in being alone. I guess that’s part of what I will always be searching for, a kind of acceptance of both places, even in the voices that come at 3 am.