Monday, May 24, 2010


Taking a step back

I looked into a universe of green.

Ferns among the blades of grass

Running wild and free

Pressing through layers in space.

Stitched together.

Grouped as if not to release

Even a singe one from the earth

But ferns are content in their subtle grasp.

They hold on gently to each other

Knowing all the while

There is much to be seen

through the many shades of green.

Week 21. Backgrounds

Ferns are remarkably strong yet delicate plants. They group together almost like a herd of animals. They can also flourish at a fast rate, just like any weed. Ferns are usually considered a “behind the scenes” kind of plant. They do not need the spotlight, preferring to take the back seat to focal flowers in bouquets. But ferns also hold on to each other in the most delicate fashion. They attach to each other through the fine details in the tips of their leaves, locking in a way that provides a kind of subtle support. There is a sort of wisdom in this ability to hold on gently. Supporting others with grace is truly a remarkable feat.


  1. I'm loving your blog and your beautiful illustrations!! Really delicate lovely colours and textures :)

  2. Your words and you pictures are just exquisite. I am so happy I found your blog.

  3. thanks so much! I needed that today.

  4. I love this entry. I think I'm a fern : )

  5. Hi, just stumbled across your blog - what a lot of beautiful illustrations; I love all the gorgeous textures you use. Thanks for sharing! :)