Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The rain has come again today.

I see the wooden cabinet by the open window.

It’s begun to warp in the spots where the rainwater has collected.

There, my jade plant sits among the others.

Most days I walk past it and never even notice the dry soil.

But when the rain blows through the open window on this day,

I can see the water darken the dirt

and once again I remain still,

as the small drops of rain

provide sustenance.

week 26. Compassion

It’s amazing how succulents sustain themselves with so little. This is truly a testament to their adaptability. Human beings also need to learn how to live in difficult conditions. It puts our resiliency to the test and forces us to revaluate our choices.

Recently, I became friends with a woman in dire circumstances. She is separated and with 4 kids and no child support from her husband. She has only a court appointed lawyer, which has been of very little help. Her story really made me think about survival; how we adapt our lives in order to deal with a crisis. Sometimes we need to work with so much less than we ever thought was possible. Our resources are stretched to the limit and it is at these times we feel the most alone. But seeing the pain in others can change us. Having compassion for their stories can change the way we live our lives. Maybe it’s the deeds that come from this compassion that truly has the power to transform.

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