Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Green grass

The greens are in full swing

this morning

when the rain comes to settle in.

It has rained all nightlong and the grass

has gotten long enough to wade in.

I walk with the dogs through the long blades.


Waitng for the dampness to lift;

all the while knowing

I might as well get used to the

way the grass feels beneath my feet.

Week 29. Uncertainty

This past week my brother came to live with me. It seemed like the best thing for him, considering all the circumstances with his recently hospitalization and rehab. During this time I found myself with many conflicting feelings. I kept telling myself that in time things will get better. In time, things will change. I also kept thinking about this idea of uncertainty. I thought maybe if I could just let all the uncertainty wander in and out of my life maybe that would ease some of my frustration. I know that I will always expect things to get better, but could it be that accepting hard times, not resisting, could help to be more resilient.

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