Tuesday, September 21, 2010

chamomile flowers

Tiny little child,

I’ve seen you before.

When I was just a child myself

and my mother soothed me back to sleep.

The earth rotated on its axis

and night would fall

but sleep would not come.

So I waited in the hallway

Next to the glowing yellow bulb

of a night light.

So if I awake again,

at 3 am.

Please hush away the dust of the past with once strong sip.

And let me sleep soundly


Week 32. Rest

This weekend I went upstate to visit with friends and found a patch of chamomile flowers by the side of the road. While I was up there I noticed how relaxed I was, how good I slept. I began to think about how my rest falls in cycles just like the seasons. Some periods I sleep well and others I’m up every night. When autumn comes it seems as though nature is in the process of regrouping. Transition is so much a part of the natural process, so why is it that sometimes we need to learn and relearn how to transition? Maybe the guidance of friends can be like a strong sip of chamomile tea- something to help you slow down so you can transition with greater ease.

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