Monday, November 8, 2010

Tiny red leaves

Each tiny leaf has it’s own way.

Some are still pale yellow;

offering me hope and opportunity.

Some are transitioning into red;

The strange world of two places at once.

And then there are the deep garnet colored leaves.

The ones that are there to guide me

Towards letting go of this branch;

something I’ve waited my whole life for.

Week 39. Mortality.

I’ve been thinking about how small events are there to help prepare us for greater events. Like for example, letting go. To me, this represents the idea of letting go of my own life eventually. I know that I struggle with letting go of many things in my life. Each one is a kind of preparation. I believe these small things give us tools so we are better equip to handle what’s to come. It makes sense to me that we would need to prepare ourselves emotionally and psychologically for something like death. Looking at the small experiences and seeing connections to a larger event may be one way of processing the big stuff.

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