Sunday, February 17, 2013

Life's work

Life’s work is done little by little.
Tiny movements are everything.
There will be creeping crawling doubts that weave though the dry dirt
and there will be fears and sadness
that will wander carelessly into each morning,
when there is more rain than sun.

To do life’s work
Means carving, pulling, weeding
and always dividing in to piles,
all the stuff that in necessary
and all the stuff that is not.

To do life’s work
requires more digging that you ever thought was possible.
So much so that you’ll think “I don’t even have the right tools”.
But you’ll do it anyway,
with your hands,
because that’s what God gave you.

To make something beautiful of this life
is the greatest gift you can give yourself
and those around you.
We are made to stumble upon answers;
Answers are made to be found,
nestled deep within the earth.
But they are hard earned.

To build a life you can only do everything within you.
Only you can go out into it
and listen to all that pulls you deeper.

There is beauty in the simple little things 
and there is grace in the digging.

week 49.  Digging
Digging is one of the best ways I know to describe the act of searching for the truth of who we are deep inside. I always think about how I try to make things beautiful in my own eyes. I want the to see the beauty even when it’s not beautiful. I’m not the first to say that living really is messy business. We confront, we fight, we defend, and most of all we have to get in there and figure out the path. It all requires so much energy. So why do it? I guess it’s purpose is so we can get a tiny bit closer to our own truths.


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