Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The sunny ice pond

Rare sun.

A spark from the fire of above.

Sent down as a reminder

of better times to come.

Deep in January the sun thaws the lake ahead.

Melting away the layers of protection

To show me another path

and challenge my every step.

But my dream to fly is stronger than the spirit of recluse.

I will try but I will have no luck today.

I crave the cold and firm ice when the sun speaks of muddy paths.

Deeper blues and grays scar the layered surface,

and the softness of the ice vanishes my yellow mood,

leading me back downhill to peer out at the sun

as it makes its way though the familiar pines.

Week 4. Change

On rare occasion in the winter we get a day or two of pure sun. Deep when we are in “hibernation mode” we can come out of our cocoons for a breath of fresh air. On this particular winter day I craved to go ice-skating on the pond nearby. I finally got myself a pair of ice skates during the week so I planned to go on Saturday. It just so happened that the sun caused the ice to thaw too much. I had re think my plan. I was disappointed by the prospect of not skating yet I knew that feeling sun in winter was a blessing. Thing is, really, we can never predict what each day will bring, but being ready for all sorts of change defiantly helps. Could it be mere coincidence that the word “change” and “chance” are so similar? Change is that scary thing which involves a lot of “unknown” factors and chance is the leap of faith that allows the possibility of big growth. If we don’t embrace the unknown and take the chance, we cannot change. So too with the changing weather comes a chance to look at a new path.

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  1. Maria,Your work is very inspiring and beautiful.