Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter's child

Winters child is the center of the curious pod.

Cut cross section

To reveal each perfectly placed son or daughter.

Within this strange creation lies the precious prize,

hidden among each fragile spec.

I am the witness

Innocently peering into this private world.

I am the surgeon

Carefully examining the sacred.

I am the lonely traveler

Gently tip toeing through seeds and threads.

I am the winter’s child

Searching for a quiet place to rest

Within the wide-open world.

Weeks 5. Patience.

A friend of mine has a wonderful collection of pods and dried botanicals. We kind of inspire each other to keep our crazy collections growing. She has this one pod that she opened up to show me the inside of. When I looked inside I felt almost like a spy looking into this small quiet world. This particular Pods was so interesting. It was in the winter mode, dried and bundled tight (kind of like the way we get in the winter). Many winter pods are still and at rest, their seeds incubated within. The seeds themselves are so delicate and small; each one can float away so easily. This reminded me of myself in a strange way. I am so easily distracted. I too can feel so small and fragile. At times when my fears become huge I feel as if I could be swallowed up by a strong gust of wind. But winter does seem to be about waiting and timing. Even though everything is always moving within nature, in the winter most things seem to slow down a lot. Slowing down to see where patience is required is possibly one of nature’s greatest lessons, one that I am trying my best to remember of as often as possible.


  1. Aw Carluccio. How pretty. Yes, you described winter very well what with all the W A I T I N G and timing. I'm always very impatient at this time of year and last week started poking around in the ground and found some daffodils coming up (hurray!)

    Anyway, what a lovely, lovely, lovely blog (found you through Rie's comment on Facebook).

    Maria (one of the three Marias that were in the same Hallmark elevator that one day-remember? We screamed about it when we all figured it out. The suit in the back of the elevator remained expressionless for some reason.)

  2. yes! Maria Of coarse I remember! So glad your checkin this out girl. Miss the good ol' days and fun at shoebox...xo-m.

  3. eleni, so glad to find some one to speak my language girl.

  4. beautiful maria. and i lovvve the art. is it all hand-done or digital? the textures are gorgeous. mmm, all the art i peaked at for this 52 week project would be amazing HUGE on canvases...but that'll be your next project. hee.

    also, your poem made me think of how in the mtns, winter is such an incubation time since it's so long here. from nov til may, we can't do any outdoor garden projects, so i tuck myself inside, keep warm, and am most productive, art wise. the seed pod is shelter from the world. must be why i live way the heck out here! can't wait for you to visit. the HUGE wide sky and mtns will be great inspiration for you. xo, jen