Saturday, February 6, 2010


My lime green pot sits close to the window this morning.

But it is empty.

I’ve transferred its contents and given it every chance I could.

But I had no choice.

I had to.

I bought brand new soil from the nursery and filled it to the brim.

The crackle glaze pot became a new home.

There was so much more to offer there.

It needed to be done, really.

And today, I reached in to feel the plant.

It was grounded well.

It did not wobble and slant.

Its long, thick leaves were proud and still.

I took a slight breath in this morning.

Aware of such elegance in it’s position.

And released my breath then

With such pride in my faith.

Week 6. Faith.

I’ve had this great plant for the past 10 years or so. It’s moved around with me from California to New York and home to home within. I’ve always kind of taken it for granted in a way, knowing that it’s one of my hardier plants. I assume it will endure all sorts of change and upheaval. But recently it had taken a turn for the worse, falling to the side and loosing bunches of weakly rooted pieces. So last week I decided to replant it in new soil and a new pot. It came back to life. I couldn’t help but think about what that all meant. There seemed to be a message I needed to see, almost like a tiny fortune cookie paper floating above my consciousness. On this particular day, I thought about the fact that I did not give up on that plant.

Last week I went to see a big trade show in the city with an old friend. I felt exhausted and defeated when I got home. Seeing that plant revived reminded me how I too need to keep the faith in myself. To not give up on myself by comparing my life with those I see from the outside. Their lives always look so much better. I feel a huge weight within me when I look and compare. But faith is a messy thing, that’s for sure. It requires digging down deep and possibly replanting. Some days the dirt and chaos can be overwhelming even. But keeping faith was clear to me that day, a little fortune cookie message sent from a well-rooted plant.

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  1. Maria! I was internet hopping and was so happy to find your blog! What a treasure it is. I am so glad you are using this format as a creative challenge - your blend of words and image are sumptuous and I am loving your heartfelt discussion of what inspires you for these images. So lovely! All of it. You are truly inspiring.

    I know exactly what you mean about looking without and feeling the weight of it all and questioning what is within. It is a struggle, but a very valuable one to remind ourselves what our true intentions and joys are and trust that. You are so beautiful and inspiring inside and out. Thanks for sharing a piece of that with us!