Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The heart shaped leaf

The smell is that of eucalyptus.

Its somber fragrance reminds me of

my aunts house in the woods, when I was young.

But it is not the long shiny leaf I know well.

Its shape makes me think it’s a strange trick of nature.

The shape is that of a heart.

With cloudy sage green leaves.

It’s variegations exposing its geometry.

The equal and parted ways.

But what is before my eyes is simple.

A small comfort when the days are long.

A still life set upon my shelf.

For me to gaze at in winter months.

And there, within my dreamlike artist head,

I cut a million small valentines.

Like I did as a child.

A shape folded in half

and opened up to reveal the whole.

Week 7. Symmetry

OK, so I had to go there didn’t I? Yes, everywhere you look there are signs of Valentines Day fast approaching. I found a bunch of beautifully simple shaped leaves at Whole foods the other day. When I got them home, I began to see how the leaf shape was reminiscent to that of a heart. I’ve always loved how leaves have a clear division down the middle, separating the two sides, the same way a heart does. So many things in nature have this; it’s basic biology I guess. It struck me though, in a symbolic way love is like this too. There is an organic symmetry of two sides that mirror each other, like two people. Together they form something so splendid and complete.

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