Saturday, March 20, 2010


The colors have shifted.

I’ve spotted the first pink of the year.

She’s broken through from the magnolia branches

I’ve arranged the sage green vase.

The quite of that day

wrapped my thoughts in blues and grays.

Slowly swirling ideas of possibility

through out the apartment.

It is but once in the year

when the notion of spring make its grand entrance.

Whether through crocuses or sunshine.

Makes no difference.

Those that peek through shift the focus

from the depths of the ground

to the gentle smile the bud.

Week 12. Decision making.

Signs of spring are certainly evident. I’ve been watching the flowers these days, looking for gestures. The bud certainly makes a gesture as it peeks from the branch. It seems to be slow and discerning, almost shy in a way. Watching these buds makes me wonder how a plant knows when it’s time to appear? Plants must be aware of so many things. They must feel the warmth of the sun as well as safety of the ground. So maybe plants are doing the same as us. Trying our best to take in all the changing variables and at the same time trying to to listen to the earths cues.

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