Friday, March 26, 2010

Snow drops

Tiny white flowers have spoken with out a voice.

The gestures are unmistakable.

The slightest bowing of the head.

Such grace in something so simple.

As the snowdrops fall upon the morning,

they whispers to me softly.

Accepting that which I have chosen.

Allowing the wind to blow above,

and the sun to shine from beneath.

Week 13. Bowing

I’m beginning to discover that gestures in plants are abundant in the springtime. Snowdrop flowers seem to bow their heads just like a person. When you think about it, bowing is a universal gesture. So many cultures and religions incorporate it into their rituals. So what does it represent? To some it is a submission to god, an act of respect and gratitude. But bowing is also quite introspective. It is this reflective place that conveys humility and compassion. In fact, to bow may also show that you see yourself as an equal, the same as any living thing. Yes, all of these ideas are surely connected, respect, gratitude and humility, they related to each other like brothers and sisters. I guess that’s what has drawn me in to think about this curious gesture. Sometimes there is comfort in finding all these interconnected ideas hidden among the dangling faces of the flowers.

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